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Food checking

Want to pack some snacks or food with you to eat on your plane journey? Not only do we offer dining options throughout the gathering, there are also dining options for travelers who would like to grab a bite to eat before making it through their security screening or for visitors who are not flying. Relax and refresh with great food at our Food Check-In.

Our Special Offers

Indulge your taste buds in a meal or snack from one of the mouthwatering groups of restaurant and cafes available in arrivals and departures.

Popular Tastes!

Get delicious and spicy burgers with variety of toppings on it and satisfy your cravings. Burgers made with love.

Grab your favorite rolls and wraps and have a barrel of fun. Fresh taste at a great price.

Make someone happy, give them a pair of sandwiches. Tasty as hell, healthy as heaven. Taste which you can’t refuse