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Statutory Registration

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  • • Legislations that must be considered while drafting an appointment letter • Classification of employees
  • • Contracts of employment Temporary employee. • The EPF Act • wages for EPF calculation • clarifications for EPF calculation
  • • Pension Scheme • Employee Deposit-Linked Insurance Scheme • Obligation of the Company under the EPF Act
  • • Returns, forms, records to be maintained and submitted • Applicability of the ESI Act • Wages for ESI calculation
  • • Provided to an insured employee • Benefits to the Company • Step-by-step procedure to ESI compliance
  • • Returns, forms, records to be maintained and submitted • Critical evaluation of the ESI Act • The Bonus Act
  • Eligibility of bonus and definition of an employee • Wages for calculation of bonus • Payment of bonus and calculation thereof • Returns, forms to be maintained and submitted to authorities • THE MATERNITY BENEFIT ACT, 1961 • THE CONTRACT LABOUR (REGULATION AND ABOLITION) • Applicability and definition of workman under the Contract Labour Act • Applicability of other labour laws on contract labour • Step-by-step procedure for obtaining license (for contractor) and registration (for the Company) • Returns, forms, records, to be maintained and submitted to authorities • THE PAYMENT OF GRATUITY ACT, 1972 • Calculation of Gratuity • THE INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYMENT (STANDING ORDERS) ACT, 1946 • Introduction to the Standing Orders Act • Salient features of the Standing Orders Act • Forms to be prepared and maintained by the Company • Matters to be provided in the Standing Order • the Minimum Wages Act • Compliance checklist • Minimum rates of wages WEF • Essential ingredients of contract of apprenticeship • Apprentice is not a workman • Bonus to an apprentice • Apprentice and Employee Provident Fund • Apprentice and Employee State Insurance Act • Obligation of the Company • Payment of stipend