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GST Counstant

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) which is building the technological infrastructure for the implementation of GST, we would help you in GST as a consultant, which will offer support and services to help tax payers and businesses in compliance.

we are based on eligibility criteria, had to move through . we are qualification by showcasing their technical capabilities through a demonstration of a functioning model as a GST with effective tax payer services.

"It will be to familiarize us with the law and the rules but they have not given us target for roll out. It will be upto the efficiency and ability of each one of them to build their own interfaces."

The GST Council consisting of representatives from the Central as well as state Government, met on eighteen occasions in last 12 months and cleared –

  • • GST laws,
  • • GST Rules,
  • • Tax rate structure including Compensation Cess,
  • • Classification of goods and services into different rate slabs,
  • • Exemptions,
  • • Thresholds,
  • • Tax administration.
  • Tax automation will thus become critical to meeting regulatory requirements under GST. A high level of synchronization is required between the taxpayer’s system and the GSTN system, which will be very difficult to achieve without automation.

    we are expected to enable taxpayers to comply with the provisions of GST law through their web platform. These application service will be provided by us ,taxpayers and other stakeholders with innovative and convenient methods of interacting with the GST Systems, from registration, to uploading invoice details, to filing returns will be taken care.